Wartime statesman in the social media age

About This Research

Wartime statesman in the social media age” encapsulates the juxtaposition of traditional leadership roles with contemporary communication platforms. In an era dominated by social media, where information spreads rapidly and public perception is shaped in real-time, a wartime statesman navigates the complexities of conflict while leveraging digital platforms to communicate with constituents, allies, and adversaries. This figure adeptly balances the demands of strategic decision-making with the need for transparent and engaging public discourse, harnessing the power of social media to mobilize support, disseminate information, and shape narratives amidst the challenges of modern warfare.

Key Findings

  • President Zelensky’s social media saw rapid follower growth immediately before and after the invasion
  • He uses 17 key content categories across his social media channels
  • Instagram is his priority social media channel where he has the most followers, receives the most engagement, publishes the most content and spends the most time on
  • Twitter remains an important platform for international diplomacy and engaging an international audience with content catered to world leaders, media diplomats and people of influence
  • There appears to be little to no coherence between his social media use and how he engages with international media
wartime statesman in the social media age
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