Digital privacy

Privacy is a luxury in today’s digital and always-on world but it isn’t unattainable. In a world where oversharing, weak passwords and engaging in the wrong online conversations can impact reputation and bottom line, it’s important to ensure all privacy and security threats have been mitigated. We work with companies and individuals to ensure that digital privacy is protected.

Threat model analysis 

Not everyone faces the same threats so it’s important to identify and understand the ones that are most applicable to you and mitigate them. A threat model analysis will help you determine the most important and most likely privacy and security threats you face.

Privacy hardening 

We work with you to ensure all your accounts and hardware are ‘hardened’ to add additional privacy layers to your devices and software. Privacy hardening makes it more difficult for would-be exploiters to extract private information to give you more peace of mind.

Dark Web monitoring 

81% of hacking-related breaches leverage stolen or weak passwords which are used by criminals to access critical business accounts and perform social engineering. Our software monitors in real-time the vast Dark Web proactively identifying compromised or stolen data before malicious actors can use it.

Social media privacy 

Social media has changed the world and made it easy for anyone to build a good reputation. Equally, it has made it easy for anyone to destroy one too. In this often hostile environment, we work with you to ensure there are no privacy leaks or potential means for reputation damage across social platforms.
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