Dark Web Monitor

Protect your data

Monitor mentions of your domain name, email addresses and IP addresses

Protect your reputation

Monitor mentions of your brand, key individuals and personal addresses

  • In 2021, credentials for 133,927 Fortune 1000 executives were available on the Dark Web 
  • An astonishing 26 million passwords belonging to employees at Fortune 1000 companies were available readily in Dark Web markets and data dumps
  • In the UK, 31,000 FTSE 100 login details were found on the Dark Web in 2023

We monitor the Dark Web to protect your company and clients by proactively identifying compromised or stolen data before malicious actors can use it. We use a digital attack surface platform that scans for your domain names, emails, IP addresses and personal addresses across the black market sites, P2P networks, hidden chat rooms, botnets and private websites.

Our software monitors for relevant information, vulnerabilities and indicators of ongoing or future attacks to keep you one step ahead and ensuring your company data and reputation reamains in tact.

dark web monitoring
dark web monitoring 2

Using our Dark Web monitoring software we can track a range of search terms related to you and your company.

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