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Monitoring the dark web to safeguard reputation

In today’s interconnected world, where information spreads like wildfire, a brand’s reputation is more valuable than ever before. Online reputation monitoring is a given today, but what about monitoring on the dark web?

The dark web, like a black hole in the vast expanse of the internet, is a mysterious and often dangerous place. Hidden beneath the surface, it’s a breeding ground for illegal activities and a haven for cybercriminals. Monitoring the dark web allows businesses to stay one step ahead of potential threats and avert crises.

Researchers discovered more than 31,000 stolen corporate credentials for many of the UK’s leading FTSE 100 companies on the dark web. The key findings from the study revealed that 81% of the companies within the FTSE 100 had at least one credential compromised and exposed on the dark web, and 38% of the total 31,135 stolen and leaked credentials were disclosed on the underground in the past 12 months.  

But what exactly is the dark web, and how does it impact your brand’s reputation? In this article, we explore the benefits of monitoring the dark web and the crucial role it can play in safeguarding a brand.

A brief intro to the dark web 

The dark web is a part of the internet that is hidden from regular search engines and requires specific software, configurations, or authorisation to access. It is generally used by those seeking anonymity and privacy due to its secrecy and encryption.

Illegal activities such as black market sales, cybercrime, and hacking occur on the dark web, but it also provides a means for dissidents in hostile countries to communicate securely and for individuals to access censored or politically sensitive information.

It is important to note that while the dark web is not inherently illegal, it contains many illegal activities, and accessing it comes with the risk of viruses, scams, and cyber-attacks. Exploring it comes with risk and it’s advised to do so with a trained security professional.

Importance of managing brand reputation on the dark web  

The dark web poses a significant threat to a brand’s reputation, making monitoring it an essential practice. Cybercriminals operating in the shadows can gain access to sensitive information, including customer data and intellectual property. Once your brand’s information finds its way onto the dark web, it can be exploited for malicious purposes, tarnishing your reputation and eroding the trust of your customers.

To combat these risks, monitoring the dark web allows you to stay one step ahead of potential threats. By proactively identifying mentions of your brand, tracking discussions, and detecting any unauthorised sharing of sensitive information, you can take swift action to protect your reputation.

To elaborate, managing brand reputation on the dark web is important for several reasons:

  1. Protecting against brand impersonation: The dark web is a breeding ground for fake websites and domain names that mimic established brands. They can be used to scam customers and steal their personal information. By monitoring the dark web, brands can identify these impersonators and take action.
  2. Mitigating cyber attacks: Hackers often use the dark web to sell stolen data, including login credentials, credit card information, and other sensitive data. By monitoring the dark web, brands can identify if their data is being sold and take appropriate action to prevent further damage.
  3. Building customer trust: A brand’s reputation can be severely damaged if it is associated with illegal activities or illicit products sold on the dark web. By proactively monitoring and managing their presence on the dark web, brands can build and maintain customer trust and confidence. 
  4. Compliance and regulatory requirements: Some industries, such as healthcare and finance, have strict regulatory requirements for data protection and security. Monitoring the dark web can help brands identify potential breaches and ensure compliance with these requirements. In conclusion, managing brand reputation on the dark web is crucial to protect against cyberattacks, maintain customer trust and comply with regulatory requirements. 

Types of brand and reputation threats on the dark web 

There are several types of brand and data threats that a company may face on the dark web, including:

  1. Stolen data: Companies’ sensitive data, such as customer and employee information, can be stolen and sold on the dark web, leading to financial loss, legal consequences, and reputational damage.
  2. Intellectual Property Infringement: The dark web serves as a platform for the sale of stolen intellectual property, including copyrighted content, proprietary software, and trade secrets. This can result in revenue loss, compromised competitiveness, and damage to a brand’s innovation and market position.
  3. Phishing scams: Cybercriminals may create fake websites or email messages to trick customers and employees into divulging sensitive information, such as passwords or financial data, leading to identity theft, financial loss, and reputational damage.
  4. Counterfeit goods: Companies may see their products or services counterfeited and sold on the dark web, leading to lost revenue and damage to brand reputation.
  5. Brand impersonation: Cybercriminals may create fake social media accounts, websites, or other online channels to impersonate a company, leading to confusion among customers, loss of trust, and reputational damage.
  6. Cyber extortion: Cybercriminals may threaten to leak sensitive information about a company on the dark web unless a ransom is paid, leading to financial loss and reputational damage. 

Implementing an effective dark web monitoring strategy

To successfully implement dark web monitoring, consider the following steps:

  1. Identify your brand’s most valuable assets: Determine which aspects of your brand are most at risk on the dark web. This could include customer data, trade secrets, or proprietary information.
  2. Engage with a reputable dark web monitoring service: Seek out professional services specialising in dark web monitoring. They can help you identify potential threats and provide actionable insights to protect your brand.
  3. Set up alerts and notifications: Configure real-time alerts and notifications to stay informed about any mentions or potential risks on the dark web. This ensures you can address threats swiftly.
  4. Monitor discussion forums and marketplaces: Keep an eye on relevant discussion forums and marketplaces where discussions or sales related to your brand may occur. By proactively monitoring these platforms, you can intercept potential reputation risks.
  5. Stay up to date with emerging trends: Continuously educate yourself about the evolving trends and techniques used by cybercriminals on the dark web. This knowledge will help you avoid potential threats and protect your reputation effectively.


In the ever-evolving digital landscape, monitoring the dark web is no longer an option but a necessity for protecting your brand’s reputation. By shedding light on the hidden dangers of the dark web and implementing a comprehensive monitoring strategy, you can proactively safeguard your reputation. As the adage goes, reputation takes years to build, but only moments to destroy. And if you can’t monitor it you can’t manage it.


Q: Can monitoring the dark web guarantee complete protection of my brand’s reputation?

A: While monitoring the dark web is an essential practice, it does not guarantee absolute protection. However, it allows you to identify potential threats early and take immediate action to mitigate their impact.

Q: Is dark web monitoring only necessary for large corporations?

A: No, dark web monitoring is crucial for businesses of all sizes. Cybercriminals do not discriminate based on the size of the organization. Any brand can fall victim to reputation risks on the dark web.

Q: Can I monitor the dark web myself without professional assistance?

A: Monitoring the dark web requires specialised tools and expertise. Engaging with reputable dark web monitoring services ensures that you receive accurate and actionable information to protect your brand effectively.

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