A tailored AI strategy to align with and invigorate your brand

Empower your brand through our AI-driven training, consultancy, and integration services.

A tailored AI strategy presents transformative opportunities

At Thumos, we provide tailored strategies and services to empower brands for the AI age. Our tailored services help brands harness AI for marketing, communications, content creation, and data analysis.

We offer AI training, ongoing expert consultancy, and integration projects to future-proof your brand. Our services enable you to harness the potential of AI to improve efficiencies, unlock new opportunities, and thrive in a rapidly evolving landscape.

We will develop and execute a robust AI brand strategy for you

Our tailored integration of AI aligns with your brand’s unique objectives. We start by assessing your existing workflows and tech stack to pinpoint where AI can enhance operations. Building on this, we deliver practical training in AI applications, provide seasoned consultants to advise your team, and handle integration projects.

With us as your AI strategy partner, you can innovate with confidence, backed by our specialised expertise. We take a hands-on, collaborative approach to equip your brand to maximise AI-driven transformation.

Our introductory training demystifies AI, providing the foundational knowledge your team needs to envision applications within your brand strategy. Through hands-on, in-person sessions, we cover topics like AI background, marketing/communications tools, integration strategies, ethics, and planning next steps. Your team will grasp AI’s transformative potential across all roles. Key areas covered include:

  • History and background: Tracing the evolution of AI technology
  • Industry overview: A snapshot of the current state of the AI industry
  • Understanding LLMs & GANs: Insights into Language Models and Generative Adversarial Networks
  • Marketing and communication tools: Exploration of AI-driven tools in marketing and communications
  • Integration across the organisation: Strategies for incorporating AI seamlessly within various departments
  • Best practices: Guidelines for effective AI implementation including prompt engineering
  • Ethics: A look at ethical considerations in AI deployment
  • Next steps: Planning the integration of AI into your day-to-day work

Our training enables all team members to grasp how AI is reshaping their roles and strategies, furnishing them with a practical framework to assimilate AI into their daily responsibilities.

Our ongoing consultancy furnishes your brand with continuous support from AI experts. We work closely with you to tailor strategies that harness AI to elevate marketing, optimise data analysis, transform content creation, and more. Our seasoned consultants are available on-hand, providing strategic direction and assistance with seamless integration.

We collaborate with you to find answers to critical questions such as sourcing the AI tools and partners that fit your brand’s vision and how to integrate AI smoothly into your tech stack. Our integration projects provide personalised solutions, guiding you through tool selection, company partnerships, and technical implementation. We handle the complexity, providing clear direction.

We help you identify;

  • The language models to work with. We guide you in selecting the best-fitting language models, aligning with your specific needs and objectives.
  • The application companies to partner with. We help identify the most suitable application companies to collaborate with, ensuring synergy with your brand’s goals.
  • How to integrate AI into your tech stack. We work hand-in-hand with your team to integrate AI tools and processes smoothly into your existing technology infrastructure.

With Thumos’s integration projects, you benefit from a personalised approach, grounded in industry knowledge and practical experience. We take the guesswork out of AI integration, providing clear direction and hands-on support to innovate and elevate your brand in the digital landscape.

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