Elevate your communications strategy with Advanced AI Training

Future proof your team and gain a competitive edge by leveraging the capabilities of AI. Our comprehensive bespoke training program equips you to stay ahead of the evolving space.

AI is changing the world and it's changing PR and communications with it

AI is changing PR and communications, demanding a new kind of strategy that we can help to deliver. Our training programme not only demystifies AI but equips your team with strategic tools to harness these changes for measurable success.

In an industry where staying ahead means embracing change, our AI training programme is specifically designed for PR and communications professionals. It’s a strategic toolkit that will help you evolve how you approach your role.

AI training benefits

Strategic competitiveness

Gain a competitive edge by staying ahead of AI trends and technologies that are redefining the marketing communications landscape.

Operational efficiency

Free up your team’s time for strategic initiatives by automating repetitive tasks and streamlining workflows to increase overall productivity.

Innovation and agility

Unlock new, AI-powered approaches to communications that allow your organisation to adapt quickly to market changes and client needs.

Resource optimisation

Use AI-driven data analytics to allocate your budget, time, and manpower more efficiently, maximising ROI.

Strategic AI guidance

Acquire the skills to provide informed, strategic counsel on AI, enhancing your value either as an internal thought leader or as an agency advisor.

AI training outline

The evolution of AI: Understanding the origins and rapid advancements of AI in the industry

Introduction to language models: Understanding the different LLMs available and their applications.

Introduction to image AI: Delving into Generative Adversarial Networks and the tools that make use of them, like Midjourney and Dalle-3

AI-powered content creation: Exploring use cases where generative AI can be applied in marketing and communications.  

Vendor landscape: Overview of software vendors integrating AI capabilities.  

ChatGPT deep dive: Practical tips on how to get the most out of this tool, including effective prompting techniques.

AI roadmap development: A guided session to help teams develop their own AI roadmaps, including vision statements and exposure analysis.  

Use case identification and development: Leveraging ‘low hanging’ use cases to improve workflow and productivity.  

AI literacy and skill development: Ensuring the team stays updated on AI trends and tools.

Copyright concerns: Navigating the current legal landscape concerning AI-generated content.  

Ethical oversight and AI councils: Guidelines and best practices for ethical AI usage.  

Innovation management: How to stay ahead of AI advancements.

Empower your leadership and teams with AI

With our bespoke training and consultancy services, we provide a holistic approach to AI mastery. Learn cutting-edge AI tools, formulate actionable strategies for AI roadmap development, and gain insights to enhance your operational efficiencies. Stay ahead in a rapidly evolving, AI-driven market, and make your team an indispensable asset.

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