AI and marketing statistics

14 AI and marketing statistics: A comprehensive overview

This comprehensive list provides a snapshot of the prevailing trends and sentiments towards AI in the marketing and communication sectors. From its potential to enhance productivity to the challenges it poses, AI continues to be a focal point in industry discussions.

1. Gartner Study: Marketing Leaders’ Pivot to Generative AI

  • Key Stat: The majority of marketing leaders plan to invest in generative AI capabilities
  • Details: A Gartner survey of 405 marketing leaders conducted in May and June 2023 found that 63% plan to invest in generative AI in the next 24 Months
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2. Salesforce Report: AI’s Time-Saving Potential for Marketers

  • Key Stat: AI can save marketers approximately five hours weekly.
  • Details: In a survey by Salesforce and YouGov involving 1,029 full-time marketers from the US, UK, and Australia, a significant majority perceive AI as transformative. Most of these marketers already utilise generative AI tools in their work.
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3. UK Businesses and AI’s Reputational Risks

  • Key Stat: 50% of UK businesses are ill-prepared for AI-related reputational crises.
  • Details: Vuelio and Danebury Research indicate that nearly half of UK businesses with fewer than 500 employees haven’t adequately prepared for potential reputational challenges due to AI usage.
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4. ROI Benefits from Generative AI in Marketing

  • Key Stat: 66% of marketers utilizing generative AI have observed a positive ROI.
  • Details: A study revealed that marketing professionals leveraging generative AI for content creation witnessed favorable outcomes. Key benefits include improved performance (58%), enhanced creative variety (50%), and expedited creative cycles (47%).
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5. Adoption Rate of Generative AI Tools in Marketing

  • Key Stat: 73% of marketing executives are now harnessing generative AI tools.
  • Details: B2B and B2C marketing leaders use generative AI for various tasks. While 73% employ it for content creation, 66% use it for brainstorming. Notably, B2B marketers are leading the adoption with 78% of them integrating AI.
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6. AI’s Rising Value in the Global Marketing Sphere

  • Key Stat: The global AI marketing value is projected to reach $108 billion by 2028.
  • Details: Over 80% of industry experts incorporate AI into their online marketing strategies. A survey highlighted ad targeting (50%), content personalization, optimizing e-mail send times, and calculating conversion probabilities as the top applications.
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7. Communication Professionals’ Outlook on AI

  • Key Stat: 86% view AI as an opportunity, albeit with growing governance concerns.
  • Details: Despite concerns about job displacement and control loss, a study by Sandpiper and PRovoke Media unveils a positive global sentiment towards AI among PR professionals.
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8. PR Sector’s Slow Adoption of AI

  • Key Stat: Less than 25% of PR entities are adapting their methodologies to AI.
  • Details: The majority (over 75%) of PR agencies, brands, and independent consultancies haven’t modified their PR strategies to accommodate AI.
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9. Adobe’s Insights on Generative AI’s Impact on Creativity

  • Key Stat: Over 95% of marketing professionals believe Generative AI will augment creativity.
  • Details: Adobe’s Future of Digital Experiences Report suggests a bright outlook for generative AI technologies. A vast majority of respondents foresee enhanced work quality, creativity, and targeted customer reach.
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10. AI’s Contemplated Role in Marketing

  • Key Stat: 72% of business leaders anticipate AI adoption within the next three years.
  • Details: An Optimove survey depicts contrasting views on AI among B2C digital marketers. While 78% find AI beneficial for marketing, 47% consider it a potential hazard.
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11. AI in PR: Benefits and Challenges

  • Key Stat: 77% believe AI in PR will automate mundane tasks, allowing for more strategic undertakings.
  • Details: Prowly’s report indicates PR professionals largely anticipate AI to bring about enhanced efficiency, improved research capabilities, and cost reductions, among other benefits.
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12. AI Experimentation Among Marketers and Communicators

  • Key Stat: Nearly 9 in 10 professionals in these sectors have experimented with AI.
  • Details: A study by The Conference Board and Ragan Communications reveals that a vast majority of marketers and communicators have dabbled with AI tools, with over 60% employing them regularly.
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13. US Marketers and Daily Generative AI Usage

  • Key Stat: Over half of US marketers utilize generative AI daily.
  • Details: A report from Human Driven AI shows that generative AI tools, such as ChatGPT, Claude, and Bard, are frequently employed for tasks like copy generation, proofreading, and image creation.
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14. SMBs’ Willingness to Invest in AI-Integrated Tools

  • Key Stat: 70% of SMB marketers express readiness to pay more for AI or automated tools.
  • Details: A survey by Constant Contact and Ascend2 unveils a burgeoning interest in AI and automation among SMBs, with 55% noting a spike in interest over the past half-year.
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